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Achieve social justice, tell Algerians truth to thwart schemes of gossipmongers

DIA-06 march 2017:  Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal said Monday, in Annaba (600 km-East of Algiers), that the State’s constatnt mission is to achieve the imperative of social justice and tell Algerians the truth to thwart the schemes of gossipmongers.

“Every day and in every aspect of the citizen’s life, the State’s constant mission is to achieve the imperative of social justice. It also has the duty to tell Algerians the truth to thwart the schemes of gossipmongers who do not accept that our country remains stable, united and above all, in peace,” said Sellal in a speech given at the tripartite meeting that brings together the government, the UGTA and the Employers.

“Yes my friends Algeria braves the economic situation and the attempts at destabilization. It is starting to record the first results of its economic and social renewal approach,” said the Prime Minister.

“If we achieve today a significant increase of the ordinary tax revenues (+10% between 2015 and 2016), it is certainly not due to the deduction on salaried employees whose number has only slightly increased, but from the economic sector where many projects have entered the operational phase,” said Sellal.

“Simple and just rules accepted by all and applied to all in equity and transparence.  That is the guideline of our action and which is both a guarantee for success and a bulwark against corruption and special privileges,” said Sellal



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