Ambassador Polaschik Congratulates 14 Algerian Young Entrepreneurs - DIA
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Ambassador Polaschik Congratulates 14 Algerian Young Entrepreneurs

DIA-23 june 2017: The U.S. Embassy in Algiers is proud to announce that 14 young Algerians were selected to participate in the Coca-Cola Scholarship Program “Make Tomorrow Better.” The program, in its sixth year, is a partnership between the U.S. Department of State and The Coca-Cola Company that sponsors 100 scholarships for university students from across the Middle East and North Africa region. The aspiring young entrepreneurs will travel to the United States on Saturday, June 24 to participate in a month-long program hosted at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

“Make Tomorrow Better” is an intensive four-week program designed to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa with successful business practices and entrepreneurships skills. Students will benefit from an accelerated curriculum based on the core elements of the Kelley School of Business undergraduate program, one of the best programs in the United States and ranked number one for entrepreneurship education. They will learn about developing business plans, social entrepreneurship and non-profit management.   The Algerian delegation will be joined by university peers from Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, the Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia.

On June 22 Ambassador Joan Polaschik and Coca-Cola General Manager for Algeria Wahib Benaissa met the Algerian scholarship winners to congratulate them on their selection and to wish them an enjoyable and productive experience in the United States.

Educational and cultural exchanges are a key pillar of U.S. diplomacy.  In Algeria, the U.S. Embassy offers a wide range of exchange programs which build bridges and mutual understanding between Americans and Algerians.  Since 1986, the U.S. Embassy has sponsored over 4,000 Algerians to participate in programs linked to professional development, leadership, education, entrepreneurship, science, journalism, the arts, and more.



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