French Minister of Interior starts working visit to Algeria - DIA
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DIA-Bruno Leroux in Algiers

French Minister of Interior starts working visit to Algeria

ALGIERS- The French minister of Interior Bruno Le Roux started Tuesday, a working visit to Algeria, at the invitation of the minister of Interior and Local Authorities Noureddine Bedoui as part of the strengthening of bilateral cooperation.

Upon his arrival at Houari Boumediene international airport, Le Roux was welcomed by Bedoui.

This visit will allow the two parties to update on the state of the Algerian-French cooperation and the ways to further develop it, particularly in the field of civil protection.

This visit will be marked by the launch of a twinning project (P3A) of support to the capacity building of the Algerian Civil Protection, in collaboration of France and Spain.

Furthermore, the French minister’s visit to Algiers, which follows that paid four months ago by Bedoui to Paris, will also be an opportunity for the parties to review cooperation in the fields of security and territorial and administrative governance.

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